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BDM SWISS Alginate impression material 453g..
Italgin Chromatic AlginateITALGIN is a chromatic alginate for high precision impressionswith high elasticity, Lead and cadmium free.Thanks to the chromatic phase indicator, preparation of theimpression is greatly semplified, regardless the environmentalconditions in which you are working.Indica..
Alginate high precision with phased chromatic indicatorAlginate for high precision Dental impressions with phased chromatic indicator. The special formulation of Cromatic permits the correct use of the material without resorting to mixing times etc. thanks to the presence of ingredients that change ..
Tropicalgin is a chromatic alginate for versatile use.The chromatic variation provides the practitioner with a visual guide when processing the material for impression taking.It is available in Fast and Extra-Fast Setting Time versions to satisfy the diverse requirements of professional dentist..
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