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Impression Materials

Overview:Shore A-60 (Soft Putty-Soft Set).Shore A-80 (Soft Putty-Hard Set).Addition silicone impression material.Soft Putty & Light Body.Accurate detailed reproduction.Highly stable impression.Compatible to all die materials.Suitable for all impression technique.Ideal choice of impression for mu..
Set: Silibest Putty 900 ml + Sililight Light Body 140 ml + Catalyst Gel 60 mlDescription:Set of C-Type first impression silicon Putty, C-Type second impression silicon Light Body and Catalyst Gel from BMS DENTAL - ITALYSILIBEST is a Silicon Putty polysiloxane based condensation-curing specially..
Silicone Impression MaterialAd Sil Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Material was developed to be used where precise impression is required especially during crown & bridge prosthesis.It could be used with any 2-phase impression material. Available packing2x50ml (base &catalyst)10 mixing ti..
Details: Image is a zinc oxide based impression paste. It does not irritate oral tissue or lips due to its virtue of being compounded eugenol free. Image is indicated for taking impression of edentulous cases & relining of dentures. Image is an Eugenol free impression paste for edentulous c..
Description:Condensation silicone of high consistency and viscosity for first impressions in the double impression technique. Protesil Putty is characteristically soft durint the working phase, but exhibits an elevated hardness after vulcanisation. Protesil Putty can be used for all types of impress..
Zhermack Zeta Plus Putty Full Kit 900ml Putty /140ml Oranwash/ 60ml Catalyst GelThe ZETAPLUS SYSTEM, has been appreciated worldwide for 25 years, has maintained its high performance and constant reliability in order to obtain the best possible clinical results.Clear colour contrast to reduce the ris..
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