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Root canal sealer

Overview:Root canal sealant.Epoxy bonded.Virtually formaldehyde free.Shrink free set.Eugenol free.Shall not retard composite setting.Non Bio Resorbable.Product information:Epoxy bonded root canal sealant have been used in Dentistry since many years now, with outstanding performance. RC Seal is an ep..
Product information:Softening agent for epoxy resin based root canal sealants.RC Soft is used to soften epoxy sealers, when root canal re-opening is required after filling. Removal of cement can be done intermittently by hand and rotary instruments. Add a drop of RC solf before each step till apex i..
tgadsealRoot Canal Sealertgadseal is an epoxy matrix resin-based root canal sealerIndicationsPermanent root canal sealerAdvantagesEasy to mix paste-paste, automatically outputs volume units; ratio 2:1 of Base and CatalystHermetic sealing abilityNo staining to the teethInsoluble in tissue fluidsExcel..
tgsealerZOE Root Canal Sealertgsealer is a Zinc Eugenol Root Canal SealerIndicationsZOE Root Canals sealerAdvantagesDoes not irritate periapical tissuesAnti-inflammatory and contains antiseptic and antichloristic additives for the relief of post operative pains following root canal procedureDoes not..
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