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Charm EDTA-Gel is a root canal cleaning. smear layear removal and preparation. By forming a calcium chelate gel with the calcium ion of dentin, it brittles and eraser to instrument, and produce the cleanser dentinal walls after smear layer removal...
Overview:Aqueous EDTA.For smear layer removal.Use before bonding of dentin.Use before root canal sealant.Product information:Dent wash is formulation of aqueous 17% EDTA which shall not crystallize or precipitate powder. EDTA is well known in dentistry for its efficacy in surface treatment to dentin..
Product DetailstgChelCreamEDTA Cream for Root Canal Cleaning and PreparationApplicationsRoot canal preparation with files and reamersPresence of calcifications in the canalToo narrow canals in posterior teethSmear layer removalAdvantagesGel formula ready to use with supplied tipsWater solubleLu..
Product DetailstgCleanser is a 17% EDTA Solution for use in root canal treatment procedure.IndicationsPresence of calcification in the canalNarrow canals on posterior teethSmear layer removalAdvantagesRemoval of inorganic substances by chelation (EDTA-Ca2 )Easier instrumentation by softeni..
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