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Fiber post

Glass fiber parallel intraradicular post with conical tip.Support of restorations and prosthetic.Parallel shape with groovesMetal filamentLongitudinal fibersFor use with Peeso (Largo) drillsHigh concentration of fibersModulus of elasticity similar to dentin'sConical tipDirect use (prefabricated)Grea..
Fiber Post Canal Treatment is a technique applied with the support of root canal treatment in case the fillings would fail and prevent that happening. Nails or screw-like objects produced with dental materials are called “post“. It can be produced in the laboratory by casting procedur..
Exatec, Cytec and ContecIn 1995 E. HAHNENKRATT GmbH was the first company offering a root post made of carbon fibre and in 1997 the first one offering glass fibre posts in Germany, followed in 1998 by a root post made of quartz fibre. In 2001 at the IDS in Cologne the new post system CYTEC was prese..
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