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Glass ionomer cement luting and filing

Bisico® Glass CemSKU: N/ABisico® Glass Cem is a special glass- ionomer luting cement for cementing of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays (metal, ceramic and zirconia) and as a liner under composites.It is available in a handmix version or in the convenient Aplicap™ System, which offers simple h..
CembestGlass Ionomer Luting CementIndications: Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, posts, orthodontic bandsCharacteristics and Advantages:• Good mixing properties: an easier mix (hand mix) creating a creamier consistancy as a liner• Good pulp and tissues acceptance• Excellent adhesion: adheres to ..
CAVEX GLASS IONOMEER CEMENTCavex Glass Ionomer Cement is a dental cement for the crown- bridge- and inlay- cementation. Prepare the cement by gradually adding small amounts of powder to the fluid and mix to enhance absorption. Formulas of both powder and liquid are developed and optimized to attain ..
Glass ionomer luting cementAboutThe biocompatible, resin-free luting solution with 25 years of great clinical success.Fuji I, GC’s first luting GI cement, is widely used across the world.IndicationGC Fuji I is ideal for the luting of all kinds of metal-based and opaque Zirconia restorations and pos..
.Contents: 3Bottle 20gm bowder + 3Bottle 15ml liquid..
INDICATIONSAttachment of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, posts and orthodontic bandsADVANTAGESNo temperature rise during settingHighly biocompatible, low acidityMicro-fine film thickness for occlusal accuracyExcellent adhesion to dentine and enamelHigh compressive strength and low solubilityPRESENT..
Glass ionomer filling cement for classes I, III and VINDICATIONSRestorations of deciduous teeth (especially class I)Repair of V-shaped defects and enamel erosions as well as root erosions in thecervical area incl. class V fillingsTreatment of cavities caused by carious lesionsFillings of class III a..
Root Canal Obturation CementEndoseal is radiopaque, non-resorbable paste for the permanent obturation of the root canal. Its composition is well tolerated by the tissues and provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptics and germicidal actions.IndicationsPermanent root canal filling and sealing in dental p..
Tokuyama Tokuso Ionomer KitTOKUYAMA Tokuso Glass Ionomer Luting Cement is a glass-ionomer luting cement which offers superior adhesion, high adhesive strength with less harmful effects to the pulp. The best properties of cement can be achieved by mixing the powder and liquid at the standard powder/l..
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