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Dental plastic tray

{Application}:The tray is used for topical application of fluoride gel.{High Quality}:Made of flexible material(EVA),making it easier to adapt to the dental arch,to better fit in the arcade.{Dual Arch Tray}:Its shape allows the application of the double fluoride in both upper and lower, saving time ..
Rigid plastic for greater accuracyIntegral handleDeep sulcusPerforated and grooved for maximumretention of impression material..
Accurate impressions of abnormal archesRigid plastic and excellent retentionComfortable & ergonomic designIntegral handlesUpper & lower trays in coded sizes..
Enhanced anatomical shapeStrong and disposableGood retention slotsHeat mouldable..
Implant Tray™ is a general purpose impression tray with an innovative patented design that features clear and easily removable panels to accommodate open-tray technique for implant impressions. This eliminates guesswork and minimizes time needed to drill out holes in the impression tray.Sturdy ..
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