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Absorbent Paper Points

Absorbent Paper Points

Dental absorbent paper  Points,the top of different specification is marked by different color easy to distinguish according to ISO standard

High quality(Main Ingredients: 100% cotton fiber) and very polupar in America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia, Etc..  

Dental absorbent paper Points(Dental root canal cleaning materials)mainly is used for the rule of endodontics, root canal cleaning, dressing.

Instructions:this product use the drill specifications of the same moisture absorption paper point to clean up the cavities with forceps gripping the tail of the product for one-time use.

Dental absorbent paper point,Slide Pack,Individual Tube Pack 

Note: This product is γ-ray sterilization, sterile products, the shelf life of four years, when the packaging is damaged as a sterile product.

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Absorbent Paper Points
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