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Bisico Glass Cem

Bisico Glass Cem

Bisico® Glass Cem


Bisico® Glass Cem is a special glass- ionomer luting cement for cementing of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays (metal, ceramic and zirconia) and as a liner under composites.

It is available in a handmix version or in the convenient Aplicap™ System, which offers simple handling, constant working properties and reliable quality. Bisico® Glass Cem is not sensitive to moisture during storage, even in warm and humid climates. Therefore it has an excellent durability. It is resin-free and is characterized by a very good biocompatibility. Bisico® Glass Cem has an enhanced transparancy because some of the components that are responsible for the coloration are dissolved in the liquid.


  • No sensitivity to moisture during storage – Long durability
  • Excellent handling features – Stable setting time
  • Excellent bonding to dentine and enamel – Excellent marginal fit and seal
  • High fluoride release – Tooth protection
  • High biocompatibility – No allergic reactions
  • Easy, fast removal of excess material

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Bisico Glass Cem
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